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8 Years of dedicated accounting, taxation & audit services.


Integritas Accounting and bookkeeping

We provide functions from processing of records up to the financial reporting. This includes the monthly bookkeeping functions like capturing bank statements and invoices, reconciling creditors and debtors, management accounts, payroll. We also prepare Annual Financial Statements in terms of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and IFRS for SMEs.

Integritas also acts as Accounting Officer for Close Corporations.

We also provide other more ad hoc reporting like business plans, cash flow forecasts, business valuations etc.


Integritas tax services

Besides the registration for the various tax types we also assist with the preparation and submission of the various returns. These include PAYE, VAT, Import VAT, Social Security, NTA Levy, Provisional Income Tax, Final Income Tax and so on.

We have a very strong tax team who can assist with other tax services like Good Standing Certificates, VAT Audits for refunds, Waiver of penalties, Corrections on Returns, ITAS problems or any other struggles you might have with the Receiver of Revenue. We will always help clients to minimize their tax burden while still adhering to the Tax Laws.

Integritas Secretarial services

We have a dedicated secretarial team who will not only assist with the formation of the legal entity, but who will also make sure that the business adheres to all the formalities that comes with owning a business.


Examples would include, but not limited to Filing of Annual Returns, Minutes of Required Meetings, Maintaining the Company Register, and any other changes to Directors/Shareholding/Membership/Company Details.


According to the relevant Acts, all Companies and Close Corporations are required to prepare Annual Financial Statements. The Financial Statements are also required when submitting your Annual Income Tax Return. Annual Financial Statements need to be signed by a registered Accountant or Auditor.

Integritas believes that an audit/compilation shouldn’t be a “grudge purchase”, but clients should rather experience the value derived from this exercise. This is your opportunity to see what is going on in your business and if you are on the right track. We believe through the audit/compilations we perform we add a benefit that outweighs the cost. We are always available to talk through your results so that you have a clear understanding, and you are better equipped to make decisions for the year(s) ahead.

Integritas Auditing and compilations services
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